Downtown Anaheim Certified Farmers' Market & Craft Fair

A Agriculture
 ABC Hope (Avocados, citrus)
Aoyama Farming (Stone fruits)
 Beatty Farms (Subtropicals)
Berumen  (Organic produce)
Cali Fresh (Vegetables)
G&B (Nopales, tomatillos, cilantro, onions)
Ontario Farms (Berries, kale, celery, tomatoes)
Ramos (Citrus, stone fruits)
Salazar Ranchl (Stone fruit, figs, kiwi, grapes, pears)
Vargas (Flowers)

B Business

OC Collectibles (BB 5/22)
Popsikle Shop
Sal Valasquez
Sheryl  Sugita
D Dining
 Ah Nuts! (glazed pecans and almonds)
Andy's Roasted Corn
Bakeshack (Artisan Breads)

The Tamale Guy
 Commonwealth British Meat Pies

Mom's Desserts
Mom's Specialty
Muscle Beach/Sausage Masters
Mustche Mikes
Javs BBQ (starting 11/6)
Peanut Dudes
 Piazza Pie (Woodfired Pizza)
Kettle Corn King

Uncle Tanous (Mediterranean Dips)
Zama Teas (out until November)
C Crafts
Succulents by the Sea
Patty's Place (kid's clothing)
Manny O’Campo
Maria Vahidi
Rajkumar (purses, Indian crafts)
 West Coast Body Co. (All Natural) (Out til 10/16)
West Coast Body Company