Downtown Anaheim Certified Farmers' Market & Craft Fair

A Agriculture
ABC Hopes Inc. (Avocados/Citrus)
Beatty (Subtropical Fruits)
Black Sheep Farm (Unique varieties)
G&B (Nopales, tomatoes, cilantro)
Gamboa (Row Crops)
Gamboa Berries (Berries)
Gaytan Farms (Row crops, eggs, potatoes)
Ha's Apple Farm
Maldonado Farms (Cut Flowers)
Mizuno Farms (stone fruits)
Noah's Honey (Bee products)
Ramos (Citrus, stone fruits)
Torres Gardens (Herbs/Veggie Plants)

B Business
BJ (Ocassionally)
OC Collectibles
Popsikle Shop
D Dining

Ah Nuts 
Andy's Roasted Corn
Delectable Darlings
Infinity Sauces 
Jav's BBQ
Kettle Corn King 
Le Petit Pommes Frites
Lucky 13 Sweets
Me Gusta Tamales
Mom's Specialty
Muscle Beach/Sausage Masters
 Papa Dan's Jerky
Peanut Dudes
Piazza Pie 
Poison Apples 
Proper's Pickle
The Catch Seafood Company
Tuccio Lane Foods

C Crafts
Andes (Peruvian Arts/Crafts)
 Christina Todd
Coulter's Corner (Aprons, beanies)
EcoYardscapes (Succulent Arrangements)
El Muneco (Party Favors)
Generacion (Leather wallets)
 Hot Glue and Faith
Jesse Martinez (Native American crafts)
Manny O’Campo (Jewelry, gems, minerals, fossils)
Maria Vahidi (Jewelry)
N&F Products (Dog Treats)
Scoundrel's Sweets & Suds (Soap)
The Paper Shuffle (Scarves, signs)