Downtown Anaheim Certified Farmers' Market & Craft Fair

Please note that Downtown Anaheim Farmers' Market will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.
We invite you to join us on Wednesday, November 25, 11am-4pm to shop for farm fresh ingredients for your Thanksgiving Feast-ivities

A Agriculture
ABC Hopes (Avocados, citrus)
Beatty Farms (Subtropicals)
Cali Fresh (Vegetables)
G&B (Nopales, tomatillos, cilantro, onions)
Laguna Hills Nursery
Lore's Family Farm
Ramos (Citrus, stone fruits)
Noah's Honey

B Business
BJ (Ocassionally)
OC Collectibles
Popsikle Shop
D Dining

 Ah Nuts! (glazed pecans and almonds)
 Commonwealth British Meat Pies
 Lucky 13 Sweets & Treats
Andy's Roasted Corn
Bakeshack (Artisan Breads)
 Front Porch Pops
Infinity Sauces
Javs BBQ
Kettle Corn King
Le Petit Pomme Frites (Greek Food, French Fries)
 Ginger Shots
 Mags and Tilly Salsa
Mom's Desserts
Mom's Specialty
Muscle Beach/Sausage Masters
Peanut Dudes
Piazza Pie
 Poisoned Apples
 Proper's Pickle
The Tamale Guy
Tuccio Foods (Jams/Jellies)
C Crafts
Maria Vahidi  (Jewelry)
Bare Naked Essentials (Bath & Body)
Michael Jen (Jade and Jewelry)
Manny O’Campo (Jewelry and Gems)
Jesse Martinez (Native American Crafts)
Peruvian Crafts
El Muneco (Party Crafts)